Chemical & Industrial Labels

High grade materials are coated in-house at a reduced cost to meet the specification and properties to withstand the conditions in which chemicals are stored. Lightfast inks, a variety of laminating options and large size label capability all contribute to the production of labels fit for purpose in this specialist industry.

A wide variety of materials and adhesives are available for application to a variety of containers, whatever the specification we can provide a solution either off the shelf or bespoke coated. Both Hazard Warning labels and Chemical Drum labels are designed to withstand the conditions they are used and stored in.

Whether it be metal, polymer or glass containers we can provide an adhesive specification to perform in outdoor and indoor conditions. Designed to withstand varying temperatures and wipeable product resistance in accordance with BS5609 for chemical drum and container labelling.

Our consultative approach as part of the design and specification process provides the support you need to remain fully compliant with current chemical labelling legislation. Pre-printed identification, transportation and hazardous warning labels can also be produced for stock items.

Have a question around self-adhesive label requirements? Please contact us.