Manufacturing & Supply Chain Labels

We supply large and SME manufacturing and distribution sites located all over the world.

As with our Security Label offering, we understand the importance of tracking and traceability for manufacturing companies. Rest assured Interket UK have a strong background in developing complex and multi-faceted Vendor Management Inventory (VMI) support. Specially designed to cope with the varied and just-in-time world of manufacturing and distribution.

We can agree to a minimum and maximum stock level for each item, part or SKU and work directly with your site production team, print buyer or supply network to ensure the labels are designed to suit your needs.

As part of our pre-supply process, we will identify the best combination of face material, adhesive, liner and print. Building in (up to 14) layers of security, tracking and traceability features to fit your manufacturing business.

Our customers include global blue-chip organisations with networks exceeding 200 suppliers. This relationship is key to ensuring your parts or products are not copied or tampered with. Protecting your authenticity is our key aim.

Reduce the risks of fraud and theft by using Interket UK labels. Our security labels can be supplied in any shape, with round or square corners and in any of the following formats to suit your operation;

  • On-roll (the most popular to integrate with applicator systems)
  • Sheet
  • Continuous

Have a question around self-adhesive label requirements? Please contact us.