Interket embraces the Courtauld Commitment having successfully developed a complete range of label substrates for the packaging industry. Options include recyclable, bio-degradable and home compostable labels developed as a result of comprehensive R&D projects and utilising an inhouse coating facility.
We are keen to offer our customers choice, our ethos and appetite for continuous improvement means we are willing to spend time and resource developing products by working alongside our customers. The results show we consistently produce labels fit for purpose and with growing pressures for the industry to produce mono packaging quite often the label is the final piece in the jigsaw.

The Courtauld Commitment was produced at a ministerial summit in March 2005 consisting of WRAP, The British Retail Consortium and UK grocery retailers. Retailers, brands and suppliers have joined the Courtauld Commitment all agreeing to support WRAP in achieving its objectives.

WRAPS objectives are to :

  • to design out packaging waste
  • to deliver absolute reductions in packaging waste year on year
  • to identify ways to tackle the problem of food waste



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Retailers have outlined a range of actions they will drive forward including; Biopolymers and compostable packaging, Consistency of on-pack recycling information for consumers, Reduce food waste. Regulations have been put in place to help Packaging users become more responsible and reduce the amount of packaging waste they produce.

  • Packaging (Essential Requirement) Regulation 1998
  • If Retailers over package own label lines they could be prosecuted
  • Producer Responsibility Obligation (Packaging & Waste) Regulation 2005

Recycling Waste

We value the environment and take sustainability initiatives seriously recycling the waste from our manufacturing processes.

  • Our waste film is reprocessed by Preston Plastics to make pellet regrind for the polymer industry.
  • Our compacter waste is sorted by Viridor for recyclates then remaining waste is converted to Waste to Energy in Runcorn.
  • Our matrix and core waste is collected by Mid UK and J&G for fuelling cement kilns.