We have accreditation audited and approved to the BRC and ISO standards.

Our dedicated Quality Assurance Manager co-ordinates customer orientated quality meetings. A continuous improvement programme is in place ensuring we tirelessly work in partnership with our customers to manage quality issues effectively.

Quality Control At A Glance

  • Dedicated Quality Control technicians are in place on every shift
  • Samples are checked from every reel
  • To ensure objectivity QC are responsible for signing off pass sheets
  • Once passed label samples are taken from the web and applied to a visible sample board
  • Our materials areĀ coated inhouseand are continually tested for peel resistance and coat weights
  • Controlled documents are available for every stage of the production process and has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Work instructions are based on best practice
  • Training aids and operator training programmes are conducted on and off site with recognised governing bodies
  • Our continuous improvement programme is monitored on a weekly basis


Quality Standards